2019 Spring Internship

Hello, my name is Easton Smith. I’m a senior who’s interning with the Political Communication Center (PCC). For the most part, I help archive political ads pulled off the internet. Though sometimes I write posts on the PCC’s website to highlight information that it has available. I’ve enjoyed interning in the PCC because I’ve been able to look at all of the history that it has collected. Once more, I’ve been able to see history through the eyes of those who were watching these ads at the time, which is more interesting than reading about it in an old textbook, in my opinion. For example, a lot of people when they write papers will often cite books and newspapers. Few ever cite what's used in political ads. That's where the PCC comes in for it can provide a more unique source that you won't be able to find anywhere else. To finish off, I think the PCC is a useful and interesting tool for information gathering and research. I look forward to continuing my internship through the rest of this semester.