Archive: On-Site Viewing Policy

Availability of materials

* Archive materials may be accessed during the Archive’s normal operating hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except on official holidays and other university-designated closing periods.

* Access to the materials is subject to availability of equipment and prior scheduling of facilities.

* The Archive adheres to any donor restrictions placed on access to specific materials.

* Access is only available to processed copies of the materials. Materials not available in original format.

* For projects involving more than 100 of the Archive’s ads, please consult with the Curator no less than 10 days prior to an on-site visit. Any special terms will be provided in writing to the researcher.

Using the materials:

* Upon arriving at the Archive, patrons must complete and sign an agreement before materials may be accessed.

* Cell phones and laptop computers are only allowed in the viewing area with staff approval. All other devices with recording capacity are strictly prohibited.

* Food and drink are not allowed in the viewing area.

* Usage of existing access copies of the materials are provided free of charge.

* A staff member will be available to provide information about playback equipment.

* Please be aware that Archive staff monitor the viewing area via webcam.

* While the University owns the materials in its collection, it does not own copyright to any of the materials. It is the responsibility of the user to acquire any necessary copyright authorizations for use of the materials such as may be required.


Any patron found willfully damaging materials, altering their arrangement, duplicating them, attempting to remove them from the Archive premises, and/or recording, transferring or copying them to other media or the Internet will have their viewing session immediately terminated and lose all future user privileges.