Do Gamers Really Learn Faster?

On this National Video Game Day, we are reflecting on the infamous question of whether or not video gamers really do learn faster when compared to non-gamers. An experiment at Brown University has found a correlation between people who frequently play video games and their ability to retain learning about two quickly learned visual activities. The results suggest that video game playing not only improves player performance, but also builds up the capacity to improve performance.​Essentially, the results observed from nine frequent gamers and nine non-gamers stated that just as athletes can pick up movements rather quickly, so can video gamers as they pick up visual processing. We should learn to accept this form of technology, and realize that in reasonable doses video games can have constructive and powerful effects on our behaviors and cognitive abilities. 

Attached is a link to a Ted Talk from Daphne Bavelier discussing the qualitative research she performed in a lab setting in regards to video games and their impact on the brain. She begins her findings by stating that nine out of every ten young adults consider themselves 'gamers'. With three phases to the lab study, Daphne finds that improvement of vision, attention span, and multi-tasking are all significantly improved for up to five months after lab training has ceased.

Even the Olympics are considering the addition of E-sports to their 2024 roster in Paris!


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Abby Sullivan, Summer Intern