Requests for commercial use will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and fees will be determined by the location of the image on or in the product, the size of the reproduction, and whether the market for the product is local, national, or international.


* Availability of material may be affected by donor restrictions.

* Ads from actively campaigning political candidates are not loaned during the

* Campaign with the exception of to the candidate.

* Archive material may not be used to disparage or embarrass candidates or producers.


* Research material is visibly watermarked. Material from the archive may not be emailed, posted to the Internet or otherwise distributed online.

* Material will be provided via online file link.

Screening Copies

If an off-site research compilation is being requested as a screening copy for production or publication purposes, once material from the screening reel is selected for use the borrower must complete a separate publication use agreement (including a separate publication use fee).


The Archive holds no copyright or any other rights to the material in its collection therefore can confer no permissions for use to the Borrower. It is the responsibility of the Borrower to secure permissions for use from the copyright holder.

Fine Print

* The Archive, like a library, does not provide permanent copies of material but provides loan copies that must be returned in 30 days.

* The Borrower is responsible for return shipping costs.

* Borrowers are required to sign a loan agreement stipulating loan material will not be duplicated other than specified by the contract, posted online, further loaned or used/distributed in ways outside the terms of the loan agreement.

* The individual signing the loan agreement must be legally authorized to enter into such contracts on behalf of themselves and/or the entity named in the contract.

* The loan fees must be paid in full before processing will begin.

* Upon completion of the loan agreement and handling of fees, normal processing time is 10 working days.

* Rush orders are possible depending on the size of the order but may result in additional charges.

Publication Fees

Loan fees to the archive are for the temporary loan of the material and are used to maintain the collection and equipment. Fees below are for "clean copies" for production.

* Ads up to 30 seconds long -‐ $300 per ad

* Ads from 31 seconds – 15 minutes -‐ $600 per ad

* Ads longer than 15 minutes -‐ $750 per ad

The Archive accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks or money orders DO NOT send credit card information by email, contact staff by phone.