When an on-site visit is impossible or impractical, the archive may agree to provide special compilations of commercials to be used off-site.

* Patron is provided a watermarked copy

* The archive owns no copyrights to these materials and permission for any use other than individual viewing must be obtained from the copyright owner.

* Materials from candidates engaged in an active campaign are not loaned

* Educational use is verified for reduced off-site rental fees

* Pre-payment is required

* The archive reserves the right to refuse requests

* Please allow 10 working days for request

* Broadcast and commercial users may request a screening reel

It is needed to help Archive staff determine if and how your request may be fulfilled, to determine any fees that may be charged, and to aid in preparation of necessary forms if your request is approved. We do not share this information. Please submit the following:

* Contact information: Name, a complete residential or business address, email address, telephone number, and fax number if available

* Organizational affiliation: any organization you are affiliated with in regards to this research request (educational institution, corporate entity, media company, political group, or if you are an independent professional researcher) and your title. Students should indicate whether they are at the undergraduate or graduate level.

* Description of the candidates and/or ads you are interested in. Please be as specific as possible.

* You can create a list of ads that includes titles and ID numbers from our online catalogue.

* Description of your project. Please describe your research and/or project. Include details on how the Archive’s materials will be used.


Loan Terms: The Archive cannot provide permanent copies of the ads from our collection, as we do not own copyright to any of the materials; instead, like a library, we provide loan copies.

* Upon approval of a research request, Borrowers are required to sign a formal loan agreement, which stipulates among other things that the Archive’s materials will not be duplicated, posted online, further loaned, or used/distributed in other unauthorized ways. Archive staff will provide the specifics of this agreement if an off-site research request is approved.

* Loan duration is 30 days.

* The individual whose name is on the loan agreement must be one who is legally authorized to enter into such contracts on behalf of themselves and/or any other entities listed in the contract.

Unavailable Ads: The only ads not available for approved off-site research purposes are as follows:

* Ads that are restricted by the original donors

* New ads that have not yet been processed to preservation copies

* Ads from political candidates engaged in an active campaign at the time of the request (other than a candidate’s own material, to the candidate him/herself).

* Archive materials may not be used in any capacity to disparage or embarrass candidates or producers of the commercials it preserves.

Copyright: The Julian P. Kanter Political Commercial Archive holds no copyright or any other rights to the materials in its collection, and can confer no permissions for use to the Borrower. It is the Borrower’s responsibility to secure permissions for use from the copyright holder.

Academic Use: For the purposes of our Archive, an academic institution is an educational institution that grants degrees and issues diplomas or other certification. For your request to be considered an “academic” request, you must be able to demonstrate affiliation as a student (please specify graduate or undergraduate), faculty or staff member at such an institution.

* It is the policy of the Archive to provide routine on-campus usage at no charge to University of Oklahoma students, faculty and staff who wish to use the materials for classroom or research use. Professors must verify student classroom presentations and/or research assignments. Such use is generally free of charge but is subject to the general terms and conditions of the Archive’s academic research use agreement.

Fees: The fees the Archive charges are rental fees only; as the Archive holds no rights to the materials in its collections, payment of fees confers no rights or licensing to the Borrower. All fees go to maintain the collection and its associated equipment. Fees for off-site research use are as follows:

* Academic research: $100 per group of 1-20 commercials

* Non-Academic research: $300 per group of 1-20 commercials

Payment is accepted via check, money order, or credit card. Processing on an order will begin once payment has cleared. Credit cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Please contact Archive staff via telephone to provide card information (name on card, billing address, credit card number, and expiration date) – please do NOT provide this information via email, as we cannot guarantee its security. Credit card information is not retained by the Archive; it is destroyed via cross-cut shredding once a transaction has been successfully processed.

Turnaround Time: Processing on an order will not begin until loan agreement forms have been completed and payment has cleared. Once processing begins, Archive staff will attempt to complete orders within 10 working days. The minimum turnaround time for an order is 48 hours (rush charges may apply) but this is dependent on the number of ads requested, and does not include duration of shipping.