Summer Intern Profile: Connor Neale

Exterior shot of Burton Hall.

Hi everyone! My name is Connor Neale, I’m a senior history major at the University of Oklahoma, and I’m the summer history intern at the Political Communication Center at the University of Oklahoma. The PCC focuses on archiving and storing thousands of political ads and video and radio content and making them easily accessible for students and academics. The ads, radio broadcasts, and other political content the PCC has archived are all incredible insights into the political climates of many races for office, large and small, and also into the general political issues, important figures, and the general political climate of a time period. The PCC is an incredible reservoir of primary and secondary sources to give context to any topic of American history or political science, and these ads can give fantastic context to flesh out positions and arguments in any paper, article, or even into thesis work. I’m incredibly excited to dive into the database of political content, and to work at the PCC over the summer on a project focusing around these ads as sources.


Connor Neale.