The Right Honorable Henry McLeish

Former Scottish First Minister Henry McLeish was the guest speaker at this PCC and Kanter Archive annual Josh Lee Lecture Series last spring. McLeish, who held an office similar to President of the United States, spoke on the similarities and problems facing elections and political leaders across the globe.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Duncan

OU Political Junkies Provides Political Insight

In 2016, the Kanter Archive and the PCC re-established a popular series of forums once held by both entities. The series of OU Political Junkies Forums in Oklahoma City routinely drew nearly 100 people to hear a panel of the state’s top political experts discuss national, state and local political issues and figures.

Two Political Experts Discuss Political Ads

Dr. Pat Meirick, Director of the PCC and Kanter Archive, discusses trends in political advertising with national GOP political consultant Mark McKinnon during a forum at the George Bush Library in Dallas.