Summer Intern Profile: Connor Neale

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Hi everyone! My name is Connor Neale, I’m a senior history major at the University of Oklahoma, and I’m the summer history intern at the Political Communication Center at the University of Oklahoma. The PCC focuses on archiving and storing thousands of political ads and video and radio content and making them easily accessible for students and academics.

PCC's Curator, Lisa Henry, Receives 2019 Distinguished Performance Award

Congratulations to the Political Communication Center's curator, Lisa Henry, for receiving the 2019 Distinguished Performance Award at the University of Oklahoma's 56th Annual Staff Awards Ceremony.

Recipients are chosen based on the quality of job performance, service and dedication to the University as demonstrated by personal activity or achievement in behalf of the University or any of its organizational units, community service or special personal activities.

Congrats, Lisa! And thank you for your service.


Immigration Ads

Since immigration has popped up in the news again, we decided to take a look back at the immigration ads that've been used in this country at various points in history. Immigration has been a hot button issue in America for decades. At the PCC we have several poltical ads that cover this topic. From as far back as JFK's election to presidential races of the modern day, we've got ads from candidates all across the political divide. Below is a link to a small selection of ads that we have stored away. 

Cold War Ads

Here at the PCC we have the largest collection of Political ads in the world. We have ads from the 1930's up to the present day. As such, we possess a plethora of ads from the Cold War. A time when the U.S. and the Soviet Union threatened each other with nuclear annhilation. One ad reflecting this struggle was Ronald Reagan's "Bear Ad", which was a metaphor for increased arms production against the Soviet Union. This ad below is just one of the many ads that is in our collection.

-Easton Smith 


2019 Spring Internship

Hello, my name is Easton Smith. I’m a senior who’s interning with the Political Communication Center (PCC). For the most part, I help archive political ads pulled off the internet. Though sometimes I write posts on the PCC’s website to highlight information that it has available. I’ve enjoyed interning in the PCC because I’ve been able to look at all of the history that it has collected. Once more, I’ve been able to see history through the eyes of those who were watching these ads at the time, which is more interesting than reading about it in an old textbook, in my opinion.

BlackSpace Event This March

For a limited time only, the Oklahoma’s Gibbs College of Architecture will be teaming up with BlackSpace Oklahoma for a OKC storytelling project. BlackSpace is an organization that encourages to help the black communities throughout Oklahoma. The events have occurred throughout the month of March including lecture series including speakers like Dr. George Henderson and Dr. Rachel Jackson.

Day Light Savings Time

On Mar 10th Oklahomans will reset their clocks in accordance with day light savings time, or DST for short. When and why did this practice come about? Well, the first nation to adopt DST was the German Empire in 1916 with the outbreak of WWI. The U.S. also adopted DST in both world wars due to the belief that it reduced energy consumption, among other reasons. However, it first became federally mandated during peace time in 1966 with the Uniform Time Act. Since then, the time DST has been observed has fluctuated. In 1973, responding to the energy crisis, president Jimmy Carter started DST on Jan 6th. However, do to public backlash DST was moved to a later date. In 1986 president Ronald Regan moved DST’s start to the first Sunday in April. Some states, such as Hawaii, opted out of DST entirely. The Oklahoma legislature has begun debate on whether or not to make DST permeant, meaning the state's time would always be an hour ahead and the time wouldn't shift back in the fall. But the legislature has yet to decide on the issue. So for now Oklahomans will continue to adhere to DST this coming Sunday.

By, Easton Smith.  



Black History Month: Clara Luper

As we continue to honor Black History Month we'd like to recognize another great Oklahoman, Clara Luper, a civil rights icon and Oklahoman who jump started the sit-in movement. Born on May 3rd, 1923 in Okuskee county, she would be educated in Grayson Oklahoma. Eventually, she received a B.A. in mathematics from Langston University in 1944 and a M.A. in history education from OU in 1951. She joined the NAACP Youth Council as an advisor in 1957 while teaching at Dunjee high school in Spencer, Oklahoma.

Black History Month: J.C. Watts

My name is Easton Smith, I'm a student at OU, and I'm interning with the Political Communication Center. As part of my internship with the PCC and as part of Black History Month, we would like to recognize J.C. Watts, Oklahoma's first African American representative to the U.S. House of Representatives. Born Nov 18th, 1957 in Eufaula Oklahoma, J.C. Watts first rose to prominence as a quarterback for the Eufaula high school football team. In 1979, he would go on to take his skill at football to become OU’S starting quarterback and lead the team to two consecutive Orange Bowl victories.

Bill Lucas

In honor of Black History Month, we would like to shine a light on Bill Lucas.

Lucas created waves in Michigan’s political force in the 1980s when he decided to run for the first executive of Wayne County and Governor of Michigan. Lucas made headlines as he was seen as a controversial candidate.


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