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Exclusive: Trump campaign had at least 18 undisclosed contacts with Russians: sources

By Ned ParkerJonathan Landay and Warren Strobel | WASHINGTON


Newly-minted Luther "Big Luther" Strange is the man who replaced Jeff Sessions as U.S. Senator. He's already trying to ensure he stays a U.S. Senator. He posted this TV spot yesterday linking him to President Trump.

Back For The First Time

By Michael Carrier

Director of Communications & Outreach


         We’re back for the first time, and it’s going to be fun.

         For more than a year the University of Oklahoma’s Political Communication Center website has been "up" and “down” as the computer brainiacs describe it.

There's No Escape

Political Ads Oklahomans Aren't Seeing

Karen Handel, Georgia 5th, GOP

Political Ads Oklahomans Aren't Seeing

The Georgia 5th: Ossoff vs. Handel

Edmondson joins governor's race

     Former Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson announced Monday he is running for governor. 

    Edmondson, a democrat, led the effort to defeat the controversial State Question 777, known as Right-To-Farm, last year.


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