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The Political Communication Center's online catalog is undergoing renovations. Unfortunately, this means the online catalog's search function is unavailable. Please direct all search inquiries to the PCC's curator, Lisa Henry. Lisa is available via email or phone at and 405) 325 - 3114. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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The pcc will be closed until january 2nd

The Political Communication Center will be closed for Winter Break until January 2, 2019.

Explosion in online political messaging 'troubling' to some as internet helps target ads with precision



Feel like you're being bombarded with political ads on social media? Click the link below and read this Tulsa World article to see what the Political Communication Center's curator, Lisa Henry, has to say about digital data mining!


Political Junkies September 18th

The OU Political Communication Center presents:

Political Junkies Forum at UCO

National Radio Commercial Day - August 28th!

August 28th is National Radio Commercial Day. In celebration, the archive has decided to share a 15 second snippet of some of our oldest archived material. The following clip is a 1924 address from President Calvin Coolidge, which makes it among the first broadcast political ads. If you would like to access the entire airtime, please email


C-Span Stops By



Our old friends from C-Span were in town filming a piece about our fine city, Norman earlier this week. They stopped by and filmed some footage at the Archive -- while we took pictures of them!

Super Super Bowl Ads

Super Super Bowl Ads...

The television ads for the Super Bowl have become a hallmark of the game and American culture. They are always some of the most poignant commercials of every year. From Ad Age, take a look...

Blizzard, Fire Alarm Can't Stop Preservation Effort

     When a person travels to Boston during the dead of winter, they usually expect a bit of snow, but not a historic blizzard…and a hotel fire alarm is an entirely different thing.

"Complicit"Ad Causing A Stir


Well, we are all seeing this anti-immigrant ad known as "Complicit" accusing Democrats who support DACA and oppose President Trump's border wall as being "complicit" in every murder committed by an immigrant. Paid for by Donald J. Trump, Inc. and apporved by Donald J. Trump.


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